Charles John Robinson - Christening 27/04/2014

I've had my baby boy Christened. It was a great day in which so many of our loved ones came to celebrate Charlie being welcomed into the Church. Myself and Ben are constantly overwhelmed with appreciation to how many loved ones we have in our lives that now are in love with Charlie.
There is nothing more precious than seeing other people love your child. We were given so many beautiful gifts for Charles and many vouchers that we have completely spoilt him with.
Thank you to everybody that came to Charles Christening and to everybody that sent their wishes.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day.

He was so intrigued the whole service.

 He fell asleep as soon as the service was over bless him.

My bestest friend and me.

Charlie with his two cousins.

Me and my sister with our baby cousin.

Us and our parents. Wouldn't know what we would do without them.

Three generations of Robinson men.

The classic 'has he pood move' he had!!

My beautiful little cousin.

My blessed little family.

Thank you so much for browsing our little ones day. Hope you enjoyed.