Allegiant Book Review

Following my previous posts reviewing Divergent read here and Insurgent read here I couldn't not do a short review of the final book in the trilogy Allegiant.
I only finished this last night (this post is scheduled) and I am still feeling quite lost without it. I hate when a collection of books comes to an end and feel this sense of loss every time.

After the revelation at the end of Insurgent the majority of Allegiant is set at a compound outside of the city where they discover the city is an experiment, and one of many. After escaping the city Tris, Tobias, Christina, Cara, Caleb and Peter find themselves in a whole new world and are taught all about how they became genetically damaged.
The story I thought in this book was quite calm. Not a lot happened and things that did happen to get me excited to read on seemed to be repetition of earlier situations.
After a failed attempt by others to overthrow the government at the compound Tris and the gang decide something has to be done to change the way the big guys saw people. Through this attempt Tris loses her life. I thought the chapter was quite devoid of emotion and would definitely be better on screen, which is what I thought at the time. I hate feeling that way about a book. 
One thing I did like about this instalment was that the chapters were either Tris or Tobias, and we got to discover more about the elusive Four. This made the ending really good and if it wasn't for the fact Tobias could finish the story I don't know how I would of felt about the ending. I thought she ended the story really well tying everything together and giving the story closure.
I was sad about Tris dying but I knew that either her or Tobias would, it was obvious one would from the beginning.

I still believe that Divergent is the best out of the three and stands on its own as an amazing book whereas Insurgent and Allegiant are merely sequels and would be quite boring on their own. What do you think of the Divergent Trilogy? Have you read it or are currently making your way through it? Leave me a comment down below any of your opinions.
Overall I would definitely recommend the trilogy to anybody that asks. It definitely has a Hunger Games feel and is quite an easy read without it being too boring as it does keep you quite hooked.

What shall I read now?
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