16 weeks old.

I am in disbelief that I am sat here writing Charlie's 16 week old update post. He is getting bigger by the day and its only through looking back at photos and at all of the clothes that I am putting away in boxes that I realise I don't have a little newborn anymore.
He is growing up so fast, people always say it flies by but you don't realise just how fast it goes until your watching your little bundle shuffle across the floor. Not only is he constantly sticking his tongue out but this month his vocal cords have developed a bit more and we are hearing a much larger awry of noises. He is SO close to rolling. So much so just this second as I write this he went halfway then fell back. It shocks me every time he does it because I think its the time but no, gravity pulls him back down. I am so lucky to have such a well behaved baby, this month we got Charles christened you can read all about it and look at all the photos here. He was amazing the whole time! He was so aware throughout the service and fell asleep right at the end. It was great getting to see so many people there and see them interact with Charles.
As of Wednesday the 7th of May he was weighing in at 13lbs15oz. He's following the 50th centile well and I am really excited to see how much he has grown in length at his 4 month check up soon.
Here are some pictures of him over the past 4 weeks. Check out his 4 week old post here, 8 week old post here and 12 week old post here to see just how much he has changed!!

my mum sent me this wen he was having a sleepover. its my sisters hair. don't you think he looks like Boris Johnson!

I've taken so many photos of him this month that I had to cut down how many I wanted to put on here. I can't believe how much he is changing. I love my little boy more and more each day even if I don't think it is possible to love him anymore. I just want to eat him he is that cute. (Don't worry I wont)