#100HappyDays #2

Its now been a whole month since I started doing these #100HappyDays. That means that today is the installment of days 15 through to 28. You can have a look at my first 14 days here which you may notice has a recurring theme of my baby, my fiance and my puppy. That theme has spread into these two weeks as well but who doesn't enjoy photos of my little man.

Here is my last fourteen days of happiness.

 Day 14 - A Sunday morning walk in the park with the P.

 Day 15 - Coming back from my blog holiday with such a renewed love for my hobby.

 Day 16 - Love mornings in bed with this little pumpkin.

 Day 18 - Look at that ginger fluff of hair! Love it!

 Day 19 - All of my babies, Charles, Pepper, Pig and Bandes.

 Day 20 - Like Father, Like Son! 

 Day 21 - Spending the beautiful day with my beautiful man.

 Day 22 - The simplest things make me happy, like this fan on a too hot day!

 Day 23 - The way they look at each other melts my heart.

 Day 24 - I've been trying to write this post for weeks but get emotional every time. So lucky to have my little baby.

 Day 25 - This man cheers me up every time I am feeling low, I took this after he made me giggle.

 Day 26 - So glad that my little guy has had his last lot of jabs until he is one. Just look at that bottom lip!

 Day 27 - Date night with the boyo. I even managed to win 2/3 games of air hockey! Beating Ben always makes me happy.

Day 28 - Breakfast in bed served by the best pancake maker! My prize for winning the air hockey trio.

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