#100 Happy Days #1

I'm back! Time away has given me such a renewed love for blogging and I am so glad to be back. I now have some posts ready and waiting and have lots of fresh ideas to get started on. I am finding it hard to blog with a broken laptop so I am on the look out for a new one. If you have any recommendations do let me know in the comments.

I've seen this #100 Happy Days going around instagram for a while now and thought it was such a good idea. Especially to start back with. There is so much tragedy in the world so to look for happiness in everyday is something I think is really important. My friend suggested we did this and so I started on the 27th of April and plan on doing it everyday!
Because I am participating in this I thought I would share with you every two weeks my days of happiness and hope to spread some love whilst doing so.
Here are my first 14 days of #100 Happy Days.

Day One - My sons Christening.

Day Two - Waking up to this little monster is the perfect start to our day.
Day Three - A beautiful sleeping baby means five minutes peace.

Day Four - Spending some quality time with the beau. Date night.

Day Five - A successful baby massage class.

Day Six - My Benny knows how to treat me.

Day Seven - Charlies first ever spoon of baby rice and it went really well.

Day Eight - Best nap time ever.

Day Nine - My three pieces of happiness.

Day Ten - His jumperoo arrived and it was so much fun.

Day Eleven - Tucked up in my newly decorated bedroom listening to my boys on the monitor.

Day Twelve - This little pumpkin.

Day Thirteen - Sleepy boys and Pepper is in there somewhere.
Day Fourteen - Spending a night in with my man.
I hope you've enjoyed my collection of happy days. I am showing these on my instagram and twitter so if you can't wait another two weeks to know what makes me happy every day follow me! Let me know if you join in on these #100 happy days, I would love to know what makes you guys smile :)