Whats in my bag?

I am forever eyeing up new handbags, in shops I feel this gravitational pull towards the handbag selection which is why I love my job so much as a sales assistant in a store with so many handbags and accessorises!
Because of my love for bags they are my most purchased fashion product and I have way to many! But with a 50% discount on a great range of bags its very hard to say no sometimes. With so many I change my bag at least once a week depending on what I'm wearing or where I'm going or what I need. Being a new mum there are items in my handbag that I never needed to worry about having before so I thought I would share with you what is in my handbag!

This bag is the one I use most often at the moment, I got this from H&M and absolutely love it! Black goes with everything and I love how casual this bag is. I am also in love with the size of this bag, it is just perfect. It fits everything I need into it without being squashed or have lots of excess room.

I have very recently changed my purse to this one from Accessorize which I got in the sale after Christmas I have so many cards I need a lot of spaces for them. I usually put them into sections if there aren't enough such as store cards, food reward cards, bookstore reward cards, drugstore reward cards.

I have to have a diary with life being as busy as it is. Especially when I was working I would write down all of my shifts. Having it with me all of the time whenever I book something I can always check if I'm available. I also write down when some bills need paying for example we pay our gas and electric every 3 months and therefore as it is not a monthly bill I find is helpful to have it written down somewhere I look often. As its a family organiser I have a section free, in this section I write down some planned blog posts and know what I need to do before they can be published.

I have always been hidden behind a book, from a very early age I have loved reading and love getting drawn into a good story. I've been known to walk around town reading a book whilst walking, and would always read whilst accompanying my mum around Sainsburys when I was younger. I hate being caught somewhere without my Kindle so its a constant companion with me wherever I go.

With a little one accompanying me everywhere, carrying a pack of wipes is a must! Whether its just that little bit of sick that hes dribbled out or come into contact with something a bit unhygienic. I love these packs as they are so travel friendly!

I'm addicted to stationary, I have no idea why but I just love buying brand new notepads that are different and thinking of what I can fill them with. I bought this one from Sainsburys with a matching A4 pad. I think this is a perfect size to have in my bag. I write down anything that comes to my mind in reference to my blog, either a post idea or something I need to get for a certain post.

Have you found that you always need a pen when you never have one. I always carry at these two pens in my bag for just that reason!

#Hand Moisturizer.
My hands can get really dry and tight so I always carry around a travel size moisturizer with me, especially as my sanitizer can dry out my hands. This one from Soap and Glory is my favourite out of a massive selection I have in my drawer at home. It smells so nice and sinks into the skin really well which is great when your on the go.

#Mini Hairbrush.
I always find I need a hairbrush when I don't have one. So this little one from H&M is perfect, its tiny enough for my bag whilst being efficient enough for the job and at £0.99 I couldn't really say no.

#Roll on Deodorant.
For whenever I need it I know its there and with it being a roll on its much better than a can when fitting it into your bag.

This changes on a day to day basis. When writing this post the current spray of choice was French Connection Body Mist I love this so much and its great to have in my bag as I love the scent and its so easy to use and carry round.

Carrying a pack of paracetomol in your bag is just a lifesaver. I need not say anymore.

#Glass Cloth.
Wearing glasses all the time they can get quite grubby, I always carry my cloth to give them a quick wipe whenever needed in case those adorable little fingers get little marks on my glasses.

#Dribble Bib.
I always like to keep one of Charlies dribble bibs in my bag just in case. If I have to feed him whilst I am out I always put one of these on him afterwards so if hes a little bit sick it can catch it without going on his clothes.

And that is that folks. Sometimes I take fewer items out when I need to but this is the list that is always a constant in my day to day bag. I'm looking forward to more mummy additions over the next few months. I am going to do a changing bag post soon with all of the little bits I carry with me at all times when I am out with Charles.
I hope you like whats in my bag and have any recommendations to what I could carry in my bag please let me know.

Love to all,