What was in our hospital bags, review and advice.

Before I had Charlie I did a post on What was in our Hospital Bags. Within this I talked you through everything we were taking into hospital with us with the promise of  a review afterwards. And here over two months later is that review. 

I did so much research into what I should of taken with me but I honestly think you don't know what you want or need until you are there. Half of the things I was so glad I packed and some things I never even used. This review is kind of a special case as I ended up being in hospital for over a week! But there are a few gems of advice I will give you from this experience and what I think would of been useful for a shorter stay.

My Bag:
I ended up being induced on the wednesday morning after a stay overnight and didn't end up having Charlie until friday morning. This meant that for those few days I was wondering around the hospital grounds trying to encourage things along. For this because they were quite normal days aside from the pain and feeling rather uncomfortable I wanted to be wearing comfy clothes. However all I had packed were pyjamas. Other than that I felt like I packed my clothes well, I loved my pyjamas they were so comfy and great for the hot hospital!
Recommendation - Don't just pack pyjamas, pack yourself your comfiest clothes that you normally would lounge in. It will make you feel so much more comfortable than wondering around in your pyjamas.

Wash Bag:
I loved every item that was in my wash bag and was so pleased that I anticipated a stay in hospital. Having some little luxuries kept me feeling much more myself.
Recommendation - Treat yourself to some luxury bath items to take with you just incase, a good shower can make anyone feel a 100% better.

Baby Bag:
I could never of packed right when it came to what we wanted and needed for Charlie. It wasn't until he arrived that I new how/what I wanted to dress him in for example babygrows or two pieces. I found that because of how new it all was babygrows were much easier to use.
Recommendation - Babygrows, babygrows, babygrows! Pack a lot! Especially if they are little babies they can leak through their nappies causing a few changes of clothes (Luckily we never had this problem with Charlie) Always anticipate a larger baby as well so pack at least one babygrow in a larger size.

Charlie had an infection when he was born and had to be given antibiotics twice daily. These were administered through a cannula that was put in at a 45degree angle! It was so horrible and made his hand massive. It meant that all those beautiful baby grows we had brought with us couldn't fit over his arm. We had to use front button up baby grows leaving one arm out and then put a cardigan on him as it would stretch over his hand.
Recommendation - Button at the front babygrows are much easier to use and when your new at handling a tiny baby its a lot better!

Poor baby!!

I couldn't of anticipated how long we stayed in hospital for and Ben had to do a lot of trips home to get more things for us all. Don't worry about getting bored, I was in there for days and there was always something to keep me distracted, definitely take something with you to keep you occupied though just in case.
Recommendation - Have a pile of clothes at home in a certain place that can be easily grabbed in case of a longer stay in hospital. Do this for both yourself and your baby and it makes things so much easier!

I hope this review has helped a little bit if you are looking at what to pack in your hospital bag. Of course my situation is something that doesn't always happen. If you want to ask any advice on what you think you should take with you leave me a comment :)
What did you take to hospital with you and were you pleased with how you packed? Let me know in the comments.

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