Nails of Rita Ora and Rimmel.

When I saw that Rita Ora had done a collection of lip balms and nail polishes with Rimmel I wasn't over excited in the slightest. I'll be honest I'm not her biggest fan and therefore didn't really want to be supporting her line, aren't I mean. But whilst shopping with a friend I was drawn in by these three colours which turned out well as it was 3 for 2. Annoyingly I love them! So here is a little review of the three I bought.

I love this orange shade! I think its much more like a tangerine and it is so bright! Its perfect for spring and summer and I currently have it on my tottsies! It took two coats to make it perfectly opaque.

I find it so hard to find nice pale shades that look good. But this pale pink is so nice! It only takes two coats to make opaque which is a winner and its got a very slight shimmer to it. Such a pretty colour.

I'm a bit late to jump on the white nail trend, thinking that it would just look like I had tipexd my own nails but I have really wanted to try it. So I picked up this colour and its my new favourite polish! It took me three coats to get it to a block white but it looks really nice. I've currently teamed it with Orgasm on the accent nail with white stripes which looks quite funky.

All in all I'm impressed! I am a fan of the Rimmel collection anyway so I'm pleased the quality hasn't fallen. They dried fast and have stayed on for a few days which is always a bonus. I love the orange and white and will definitely being wearing these a lot over the next few weeks!

Have you got any of the Rita Ora collection? What are your favourite nail colours for this spring and summer? Let me know in the comments!