I'm sorry!

I'm hoping I can be forgiven for my lack of posts recently. Over the past two weeks little Charles has not been himself and those long nights of sleep we used to have are now definitely things of the past. I have a very grumpy baby on my hands. That and the fact that my laptop and only way of getting onto my blog is about to give up the ghost have made for a very bad blogger and a rather neglected audience.

With Charles starting to teeth he's so grumpy and clingy and just isn't sleeping either at night or in the day. This makes it so hard to get time to sit down and get stuck in to a blog post that I'm proud to publish.

A laptop that is seriously on death row does not help. I have no idea what is wrong with it as it's only just over a year old but it is SO SLOW. It takes so long to type out a sentence which is rubbish when sometimes I don't have long to get something done. I've transferred most of my photos onto cds and deleted them off here hoping that it would of helped but nada!! If anyone has any recommendations for fixing it or any advice of new laptops I could get cheap they would be much appreciated.

Even the time this post will go up is an indicator of how little time I actually get to do anything other than cuddle my little baby at the moment. I'm in fact writing this while Ben is putting Charles down for the night. Listening to him read and sing to Charles over the monitor is my most favourite thing.
HOWEVER I have lots of posts in the draft stage which will soon be finished and published with lots more ideas ready to be written too. So hopefully I will make up for my lack of attention over the coming weeks. This means that I will now only be posting on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am. With the occasional surprise post on a Sunday.

Here is a photo of Charles that will hopefully melt your heart enough for you all to forgive me. He really is just adorable!

Love to all!