Easter treats for all.

Happy Easter Folks! I love Easter, its the mark of new life and fresh starts and I love celebrating it each year. I love all of the little bits you can make and do at Easter. Its a great time for DIY and spending time with your little ones making all sorts of themed things. I can't wait until Charlie is old enough for us to make lots of things, but that doesn't stop me from doing it all this year on my own!
I thought I would share with you some treats I have made that are perfect to do and take no time and effort at all!

For these Easter treats you will need.

Rice Crispies (Any own brand will be fine)
Chocolate (Milk or Dark its your preference)
Golden Syrup
Mini Eggs
(These can be found at your local pound shop or 99p store, they have lots of great bits for a real bargain! However I got these at Sainsburys for £1!)

I find its best to get things ready before you begin the messy bit. Set out your cake holders in the tray and pour in the amount of rice crispys you want into a bowl. You could do this whilst the chocolate is melting. If your doing this with little ones its best you do the chocolate melting safety reasons and all.

Once the chocolate has melted pour it into the bowl with the rice crispys, fold in the chocolate to try not to break them to much. You could always let the little one mix it with their hands!! When thats all mixed in put two tablespoons of golden syrup in the mixture and mix again.

Now its all mixed together its time to put them into the holders. Once you've seperated them all if you have any left (which I always seem to have) you can put it in a cake tin and make a large tray of it.

After you've done that you can decorate them however you like! I've placed mini eggs on top and also put some of these non edible chicks on to make them even more easter themed. Just make sure whoever eats them knows that they can't be eaten! Once decorated put them in the fridge to set, I always do this overnight.

Once they are set its time to ENJOY! Like I said they are so easy to make and take about twenty minutes from start to finish which is great for children with short attention spans.

If you are going to give these a go let me know how they turn out!

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