15 years of Grace.

Today is my baby sisters birthday! I say baby sister today my Gracey is turning 15 and I just can't get over how fast time has flown.
I can remember when she was running around asking us to take photos of her and pulling the most hilarious poses to the most adorable, she must of only been 5 but acted like a right little model!

With a 6 year age gap and with myself moving in with my Dad years ago whilst she lives with my Mum we were never as close as I was with my other younger sister Jessica who is going to turn 20 in June. But as we have aged we have got closer and closer and she isn't just a sister but a best friend. She is one of the funniest people I know and really does crack me up sometimes. Shes a strange cookie but I wouldn't have her any other way. From constantly taking selfies to leaving the house with half her lippy on she really is such a breath of fresh air. She is so talented and recently won an award for her acting! One day she will either be on the stage or back of house on the west end and I hope she doesn't forget to give her big sister free tickets.

One of my favourite recent memories of her is when my Mum, Jess, Grace and I went shopping to Coventry which is about a 15 minute drive away. As we were about 5 minutes away from the car park I hear a rustling and turn to look at her and see she is scoffing down a cheese sandwich! She had packed herself a little picnic, I nearly wet myself laughing at how random she is. I thought it was so funny I took a photo which I seem to have lost (maybe she deleted it!)

She is so kind and caring and I really do love her to pieces.
I hope you have an amazing birthday Gracey! Me, Ben and Charles love you to pieces and are always here for you. I look forward to watching you continue to grow into an amazingly beautiful young woman!
Here are some mug shots of her over the years.

and my all time favourite photo of her EVER...

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