12 weeks old.

It feels like only yesterday that I was sat here writing my 4 weeks old post and then again at 8 weeks and now I'm putting together his 12 week old post and I can't believe it. Charles has developed so much over the past month. He's able to really support his own head and is so much more aware of everything. He loves sticking his tongue out and laughing which is too cute!
He had his first lot of jabs this month and will be having his second lot next week, he was so brave only crying when the needle first went into his legs.
Now moving into 3-6 month clothes I don't know where my little baby has gone. He's getting so big!!

This month we decided to put Charles in his cot in his own room and it went really well. That was until he started to teeth! We believe that his teeth are moving around in his gums as he has all the obvious signs of teething such as the gnawing, dribbling, crying. Its so horrible not being able to do anything to sooth him when he is so obviously in pain. If you have any recommendations for teething products do let me know!!

Here are some pictures of Charles over the past month. You can look back at his 4 week old post (here) and 8 week old post (here) and see just how much he has changed.

Hope you love this pictures of him just as much as I do. I haven't been as snap happy as I normally am recently and have been trying to take more photos of him with me or Ben so we have lots of family photos to look back on when he is as big as his Daddy.
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