Not quite spring.

It may say on all of our calenders that Spring is here, but the weather hasn't yet got the memo. All I want to do is bring out the brights but I'm still in jumpers and coats.

This is my not quite spring look. I have had this jumper from Dorethy Perkins for two years now and its still a really good quality. I love the colour tone of it and its the only pink item I have in my wardrobe. I teamed it with my skinny jeans and over sized jacket from New Look which is one of my favourite items of the moment.
Armed with my 25% off at H&M voucher that I got in my Glamour magazine I treated myself to a new pair of shoes and bag. I love this shoes and think they will be really nice over the summer as they will go with so many different colours. I've been wanting a plain black bag for a while now and this is just perfect the length of the strap is nice and the actually bag is JUST big enough for everything I need whilst being small enough to not get in the way. PERFECT.

Let me know what your wearing in this weather that just isn't catching on to spring.

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