Lamaze Pond Symphony Motion Gym

Without knowing what Charles would need when he arrived Ben and I were super careful with what we bought. With a small budget we decided to get the essentials and worry about things we wanted once he was here and funds were a little better.
I think this was one of the best things we could of done as it is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of having your first baby that you just want to buy them everything that looks fun. But with more time to get to know our little guy we have started buying him things that we know are suitable for him and will get a lot of use before he grows out of them, for example the majority of his clothes have been bought since he came knowing now what we like to dress him in.

One of these 'post Charlie' purchases was the Lamaze Pond Symphony Motion Gym. I was quite certain that by buying one of these gyms we would just be buying an expensive blanket with some toys dangling above but boy was I wrong. Charlie is amazed by the toys on his rocking chair and because of how much he loves to explore we decided we were definitely going to buy him a gym that he could spend some tummy time on and lie looking at all of the colourful toys above him. I am so glad we went for this one.
I am in love with Lamaze products, I think not only are they fun and colourful with great designs they are educational and great for babies development. So it wasnt hard deciding that this was the brand I wanted to buy from. When browsing Toys R Us the other week we saw this one and knew it was the one we wanted. Knowing we had to wait til payday we left the store empty handed but a few days later with money in the bank I went onto amazon and purchased this one for £10 cheaper than if we had bought it in the store.

It was really easy to put together but needs 3 AA Batteries to make the motion work. With 5 attachable toys and a mirror there is something for each direction of sight. The best thing about Lamaze is that you can purchase additional toys to attach on as well depending on what your baby likes to play with. The two noise setting are great one being a white noise and the other a melody which play for 15 minutes more than enough time before us parents get bored of the tune! The only downfall of the product is my personal opinion of the mat which I would of liked to be a little bit thicker but as its machine washable I'm not complaining to much!

Charlie was in love with this product from the moment we  put him in the middle of it. He was giggling away and was constantly looking from colour to colour moving his head around to take everything in. The swaying motion of the arches is a great touch as it keeps him entertained with something to follow. I am so pleased we bought this gym and would recommend it to any parent looking for something like this for their baby. From birth this is great product!

Here are some pictures of Charlie enjoying his mat time.

Completely fixated on the arches swaying.

 How cute is my little chuckles in this picture?

If you have any well loved baby toys do let me know, I cant wait to get lots more stuff as Charlie grows! 
Love to all, 

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