Key make up essentials for £35.00

I have never really been one for buying a lot of makeup and until recently things were pretty basic in my makeup bag. Foundation and mascara where pretty much it. But in the past year or so my interest in all things beauty has dramatically increased especially through reading blogs and watching people on YouTube. Whenever I see a hype about a new product I have to read up on it which consequently means I have to then go and have a look for myself (and sometimes bringing it home with me). When starting this blog I wanted to make it a real all round thing with something for everyone obviously basing it around my family and the fact I am now a mum. But my beauty posts really are enjoyable and I find them quite relaxing whilst I'm having a hectic day I can go and look at new products to try out and review.
Whilst talking about a beauty post recently someone said to me 'I wouldn't know where to start' and I realised how many people don't know where to start, I didn't this time last year. There is so much out there and its so confusing especially if your not one for putting on a lot of makeup and are new to the scene. So I thought I would put together some products that in total comes to £35.25 that I would class as essentials to get anybody started on their new makeup collection. 

So whether you want to revamp your makeup bag, returning to the beauty stands or simply don't know where to start. This is for you!

I highly recommend the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. Its a nice light coverage that you can build up so its perfect for those who want a more natural look which is something you will want if your not familiar. £6.99 

This was something I have only recently started using and I will never turn back now. Its surprising how much just a little dab underneath the eyes can change your whole look making you look fabulous! This Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is my favourite and is highly recommended by just about everybody. £4.19

Sometimes you just need to set your makeup or sometimes you may need to sort out your t-zone. Whatever your need for use powder is a must. I recommend Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, its great! £3.99

I've never really been one for blusher as I have naturally rosy cheeks that I hate. But I have been loving a slight blush just on the apples of my cheeks moving up my cheek bone. It gives a great bit of colour to your face and a lovely glow. I love my MUA Blusher in Cupcake, the peachy tone gives a great glow. £1.00

In my opinion a brown eyeliner is a key essential especially over a black liner. Its much more natural! If your a beginner or not very experienced in makeup your going to want to go for more natural tones on your eyes instead of opting for a dark smokey eye everyday. So with this in a mind a good brown eyeliner is a must. This Maybelline New York Eyeliner is the one for you. £4.09

Your going to want to frame those lovely eyes of yours and I recommend the Maybelline Waterproof Falsies. Its great for achieving a real open eye look without the need for false eyelashes or even a curler. £7.99

To start with your going to want to experiment a bit with your eyes to see what suits you best. The palettes from MUA are amazing, they have a great pigment and a great choice in them from shimmers to mattes. I recommend getting the MUA Ever After Matte palette and the MUA Undress Me Too. £3.00 and £4.00 

And that is that. I think these products are great to start with and as your confidence grows you can start to experiment and try new products, the world is your oyster! Makeup can be expensive but if you know what you want there are some great deals out there to be taken advantage of and some of the cheaper brands are just as great as the high end brands. If you haven't already sign yourself up to the reward cards, Boots and Superdrug do them and it really is rewarding if you use them regularly enough. 
I hope this post could be some help to you guys, whether your starting your makeup collection, returning to the scene or just someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend on themselves these products are brilliant and great value and you can get your whole makeup collection for under £40! BARGAIN!

All of these products are linked to Superdrug however you can find them at specified drugstores or online at 

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