Baby skincare.

Hello blogland!

I thought today I would tell you all what products we are using with Charlie. Babies have a different and much more sensitive skin than us older folk and therefore you have to be rather careful in keeping it that soft baby wonder skin that we all love to stroke so much.

Charlie absolutely loves bath time! He cries when you strip him off until he is placed in the luke warm water and then cries when you take him out until he is fully clothed and having cuddles again. Strange baby. But because of his love for the water we also love bath time as its so relaxed.

We have gone for the popular product brand of Johnsons. They smell delicious and make Charlie smell good enough to eat. We use the Johnsons baby 2in1 bubble bath and wash when we bath him in the day if he is a bit grubby or for fun and then use the Johnsons baby bedtime bath at night before we take him to bed.
We have made sure to wait until Charlie was 6 weeks before we will shampoo his little angel hair, but as he has really bad dry skin we are going to be extra careful. It smells so gorgeous and I cant wait to use it.
After his bath whilst he's unhappy that he is no longer being bathed we apply some Johnsons Baby Lotion he has suffered from rather bad dry skin and I found that better than using baby oil the lotion worked and smelt better too!

When Charlie was about a week old he developed a really sore nappy rash that looked really bad bless him. We used sudacrem thinking this would help as it is a well used and loved product but when our health visitor came she advised we used bepanthen. As bepanthen has zinc in the formula it helps heal skin and within the DAY the rash had cleared up and his skin was heeling. I was in literal shock!
We only use the cream if he has a little rash coming up but other than that we don't put anything on him as we were told by a midwife that he wont get any benefit from the product if it is used daily.

So there you have it folks all of Charlie's baby products. At the moment they are working really well for us but I am on the lookout for other baby skin care products that I can test out on him to see if anything works better.

I am going to be doing a little baby haul of some of Charlie's best little outfits with him modelling them in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Have a great week!