8 weeks old!

My baby is 8 weeks old! I cant believe it! In some ways it feels like hes been here forever but in other ways I just cant believe how fast time is flying by. Hes grown so much over the past month!
Hes smiling and cooing and talking lots of baby talk, he is so strong as well always kicking away. Hes had his 6 week check up and everything went perfectly and hes got his first set of injections next week which I am not looking forward to.
He is such a good little baby, he hardly ever cries and is so chilled out. Hes great to take anywhere as he either sleeps or lies there staring around at the world which makes it so much easier easing back into a sort of normal life. Here are some photos over the weeks so you can see just how much he is changing, and how cute he is! I'm so excited to see how much he will change in the next month!

I really do love him more every single day, he is so funny and has the best little personality coming through.

Love to all,