Homemade lip scrub.

Hello blogland!

With this cold miserable weather my lips have been awful! And I don't know about you but I hate having chapped lips. It doesn't look or feel good at all. So with this in mind I decided to get creative and have made my very own lip scrub and it is that easy ANYBODY can do it.

All you need is some brown sugar, some lemon juice and some basic kitchen utensils.

The sugar is a great product to exfoliate and the lemon juice is a great cleanser (and if you like the taste of lemon its a bonus!)

Get half a teaspoon of sugar and put it in whatever you are using as a palette.

Put five drops of lemon juice in the sugar and then mix together. This should then turn into a kind of paste.

Scrub onto lips and make them look BEAUTIFUL!

You can put this homemade miracle into a little pot I know that LUSH and Body Shop do little sample pots which if you ask for kindly you can use to put your scrub in. I would only use this scrub for a day at most before making a new one, however it should work well enough for you to not need to use this scrub more than twice a week.

After I used my scrub I put on some Burts Bees lip balm. It is the best lip balm that I have ever used and makes my lips feel smooth and all tingly. I definitely recommend it!

I hope you love this little how to. If you try this out for yourselves let me know what you think and that the results are as good as mine.