Whats in our hospital bags.

Hello blogland!

Being full term and the over organised person that I am our hospital bags have been ready for quite some time. I have gone over and over these bags changing his little outfits and repacking them and have finally finished. I am happy with what is in there and thought from a first time mum perspective I will show you what is in my bags and then in a few weeks do a little review on what I did and didn't need, so here goes.

#2 Nightgowns - new and nice quality for a little bit of normality
#1 Set of Pyjamas
#8 Pants - large so don't rub if I need a c-section
#3 Bras - non wired for comfort
#20 Maternity Towels
#10 Breast Pads
#Loose top
Wash Bag
#Travel shampoo + conditioner - in case I need to stay in for a night or two
#Travel femfresh wash - soft on all things female
#Dry shampoo -to make me feel refreshed
#Face wipes -ditto
#Cool mist spray - to keep me cool if I get really hot
#Toothbrush + Toothpaste - for me and Ben
#Headband, Hair Bobbles + Comb - to get hair out of my face and not tangled
#Deodorant - roll on
#Deodorant - for Ben
#5 Disposable pants.

#24 Nappies
#Extra sensitive wipes
#Large cotton pads - I've been told to buy and use large cotton pads as it is easier to wipe their little bits than cotton balls.
#Baby oil
#Nappy cream - small travel size
#Sudocrem - small travel size
#Nail files
#Nail cutters
#Starter kit - I have decided that I don't want to breastfeed, its something that does not appeal to me and I really want to share the bonding experience with Ben letting him share the feeds. I was bottle feed and have turned out ok. I've been told that hospitals no longer supply the milk if you decide to bottle feed (they do supply some milk for circumstances) but we bought the starter kit that has 12 little bottles of made up milk with the teats. We thought this would be easier than taking a tub of formula in and making up the bottles there.

#1 Fleece blanket
#1 Cell blanket
#2 Pairs of scratch mittens
#3 Pairs of socks
#2 Pairs of booties
#4 Hats
#4 Plain white vests - 9lbs
#2 Tops - 7.5 lbs
#2 Leggings - 7.5lbs
#2 Sleepsuits - 7.5lbs
#Pyjama sleepsuit - 7.5lbs
#1 Cardigan - homemade
#2 Long sleeve vests - 10lbs
#2 Leggings - 10lbs
#3 Sleepsuits - 10lbs
#Pyjama sleepsuit - 10lbs

We have no clue as to how big our little one will be, so we have chosen to put in the two smallest sized options into his bag therefore he will have something that fits and Ben can always come home and get more of what size we need. His clothes are something I have really struggled with. I have no clue what to put him in, and really want him to be in nice little comfy clothes for his first few hours on the outside. I am sure I have over packed on his clothes.

We have his car seat ready to bring and in that we have his pram suit that he will be coming home in, and a blanket that we will put over him. We also have a little monkey that we will be taking with us that will go in his little bed to keep him company.

We will be taking also,
#Isotonic drinks
#Phone chargers

So that is everything! I am hoping with all my fingers and toes crossed I have packed a good bag. But I will let you what was used and useful, what wasn't needed and what I could of done with having.
Wish me luck, and let me know if you know of anything I have missed or you would recommend we take!