Rimmel 60 seconds Nails.

Hello blogland!

Monday means beauty day and I don't know about you but I am still so sad that the Christmas period including the New Year is over :(
The decorations are down and the house looks so naked without the trees and tinsel and fairy lights.

To cheer myself up about the fact that my favourite time of the year is over I went into Boots to take advantage of my advantage card points that I had acquired buying my loved ones little bits over the recent months.
I had spotted two nail varnishes before Christmas that I just needed to add to my collection and as Santa forgot to put them in my stocking I decided it was time to go and bring them home with me.

These two polishes were both Rimmel 60 seconds.




I know they are so similar but I just had to get both and even when I was at home decided which one to put on first it took me half an hour with a hand of each to finally decide to go with MARY MARY QUITE CONTRARY.

The only fault I ever find with Rimmel is that the coats come out really thin meaning you have to put on 2-3 coats to make it a blocked colour. Which goes against what the bottle says about it being a 'one coat polish'.

After the dark and sparkly looks I've gone for over the winter months I'm happy to go for colours that are more subtle and spark the new year off with a fresh looking start. As well as this I wanted something a lot more neutral in the last few weeks of my pregnancy as the little guy could now come at any time and I want my nails looking nice :)

Let me know of any recommendations to extend my nail collection as its my most favourite stocked beauty product ever. And if you try out these colours let me know what you think!
Until next time x