Pregnancy Pyjamas OOTN.

Hello blogland!

A spur of the moment post today about the comfiest pair of pyjamas, all ready for a lazy relaxing weekend.

I am finding it so hard to get comfortable at the moment and with a very small budget finding clothes that would fit whilst pregnant and also convert afterwards as well has been very hard but I've finally cracked it.

Sorry for the awful photo but its the best I could get feeling half asleep.
So what do you think?
The top is actually a normal long sleeve maternity top from NEXT, and I love it! I have it in cream, burgundy and black and I live in these tops. I can not recommend the NEXT maternity range higher than fan-frigging-tastic! The clothes are made to your actual size and grow with your pregnancy this means that they don't have those  silly elasticated sides that look silly and means you can wear them from week 1 to week 40 and afterwards. They are so comfy and are very versatile, for example as a pyjama top or as a nice going out top with a pair of maternity jeans.
The bottoms are from the good ol' land of PRIMARK. I got them in the sale this week for £3 (meant to be £6) and I don't think I've taken them off since. Don't worry I have but reluctantly! The are made of  the most comfortable fleece material that makes you feel like your wearing a blanket and as they come in at the ankle they don't drag on the floor or let a draft up your leg, also perfect for us short people who can never find pyjama bottoms that fit properly. I got a size 14-16 so they're not actually maternity so anyone could go and take them home, after you've paid for them of course. I love the pattern as well, yes its Christmassy but we all need a little bit of Christmas around even once the period is over.

I seriously am so happy I've found something that makes me feel comfortable without looking massive, which is something all pregnant women want.

I hope you've liked this little impromptu post and let me know if you have either of these items yourself and what you think of them?!

Until next time x