How to get started planning your wedding.

Hello blogland!

On the 25/12/12 Ben got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes! We had both said before we got engaged we wouldn't want a long engagement so immediately went about planning our wedding.

When your a little girl and dream about your big white wedding you never actually plan it, so when we came to looking at all the things we needed to decide panic took over at just how many options there was for EVERYTHING!

This is the one day of your life that you will always look back on and with that being said you want it to be the perfect day for the both of you. It took us months to come to a final decision on what it was we wanted from our day and with that I thought I would share some pearls of wisdom on how to actually get started planning your wedding!

#1 Initial Budget
You need to look and see how much realistically you can put aside to pay for this big day. This will help with the first few big decisions you need to make.

#2 Ceremony.
You both need to decide what kind of ceremony you would like. At the end of the day its all about you being married to your partner and that is the most important thing. You could have a church wedding, a  civil wedding or even just a blessing. This is crucial in deciding the next step.

#3 Venue.
Once you've decided on what ceremony you would like you can then start looking at places to have the ceremony. This then leads on to the venue of your wedding breakfast and reception.

#4 Numbers.
You need to sit and each write who you want to be there at your wedding. We went from having it really intimate to having everyone we knew and back to intimate again. You have to be sure who you want there and then you can start looking at...

#5 Budgets.
The best advice I can give you in when doing this is to first write down in order of importance all the aspects of the wedding, then compare and start with the most important ones giving them the most out of your budget. However to do this successfully you have to know what ceremony you would like as it will cost you and therefore may be a part of your budget gone.

#6 Shop around.
Now its time for you to start going crazy. I did this straight away and immediately regretted it as I wanted all of these nice things that didn't go together at all and were completely unrealistic when we looked at our budget. Before you put down final budget numbers you need to know how much things actually cost so have a look around and get estimations for everything you need and want. This means you can go back to your budget and change it accordingly.

This is how you really get started and is the same for everyone. We have come this far with our planning and with a wedding date set for 30.08.14 we will soon be putting all of our plans into action. I will be posting a lot about updates for the wedding and how we have planned and came about what we have decided so stick around for more.

Let me know if you recently got engaged, got married or are planning your wedding I would love to talk to you about all things wedding!