Babyliss Curl Secret. Review

Hello blogland!

Beauty day a day late, can you forgive me? I was ever so tired yesterday that I just couldn't pull myself to do anything other than sit there in a half awake state. But do not fear I still have a lovely little review for you all. For Christmas my amazing fiancĂ© took all the hints I had been making about the Babyliss Curl Secret and bought me one! I was so happy as it is something I have seen and really wanted to try out. I love my hair curled or waved and think it suits me so much better than when my hair is straight.

Naturally my hair is as straight as rod and can look very limp when I don't give it any volume. So as soon as I received this gift I decided to test it out and thought I would let you all in on what I thought of it.

With 3 different temperatures and 3 different curl types I felt spoilt for choice and decided to test out all three curl settings.

When I tried this on my hair before I got it cut the effect came out completely different, it says that when using it on longer hair it has less successful results and I definitely think this is true. My hair isn't thick and the curls came out looking quite fake and I was really disappointed with them. I definitely think it looks a lot better now my hair is shorter.

I also expected it to take a lot less time than it actually did, but it didn't. It took about half an hour to do my whole head which is time that I wont really have being a mum. However I think I could get away with only doing certain sections and therefore it wouldn't take as long but still give my hair some volume.

I do loveeeeeeeee my new hair tool. Thank you Ben! I would definitely recommend it to others as the curls you can create with it are amazing and look so natural. If you have it, let me know what you think?
Here is a photo of my favourite results using the Babyliss Curl Secret, what do you think?