2 weeks to go!

Hello blogland!

I thought that I would do a little announcement post in advance to let all you lovely bloglanders in on how my life is going.

how cute is this little hat Bens mum has made.

With only two weeks today until my due date, little man could arrive at any time! A very scary thought.
I love blogging and since December have become addicted to the whole community and life of a blogger, thinking of ideas for posts and creating them! Its something that has given me a new lease of life whilst on maternity leave and I can not wait for my blog to develop and to grow over the months and hopefully years.

Because of this I didn't want to leave you all in the lurch as to where I was if I went into labour early. I will blog as normal as I can with posting my regular posts, beauty on a Monday for example and my other tips, tales and how to's throughout the week.
My plan for the month from when he arrives is to limit my posts to at least 2 a week. I want to spend that crucial bonding time with my newborn but don't want to let this little space of mine slip. Therefore I have planned some posts in advance for when he comes, and will try to actually write a few in between the sleeping and feeding that I've heard the first weeks consist of and will of course keep you updated with all things related to Pepper + The Robinsons, especially the newest addition.

Bare with me whilst this massive change happens and I will see you out at the other side. Wish me luck! But remember this is just an advance post, you still have some time with me before I pop :)

Until next time x