The little things in life.

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Before our baby arrives and shakes up the little twosome we have going on, myself and Ben are trying to make memories that we will look back on in years to come.

I think its so important to work on a relationship, we have been together for 4 years officially although we were together for 4 years before that on and off. I love spending time with him doing the little things in life that can bring the most enjoyment.

Having weekends off (which I have never had before) we have been making the most of it and planning our weekends weeks in advance.

We don't have a lot of money at all but you don't need it to make memories. Here are a few things we have been doing before life gets crazy.

Pancakes are being made and eaten in bed. A special breakfast, lunch or even dinner can be the sugar on top of a great day.
how cute is he?

Our Sunday's have turned into amazing lazy days. We get up when we wake up, sit in bed for a bit and decide in what order to do our daily activities. A Christmas film is also a must!
tea and biscuits are a must!

Taking our little puppy for a stroll around the park which is literally over the road is something that costs absolutely nothing but is an amazing thing to do. We get to talk, get some fresh air and laugh at how silly Pepper is. It is also great exercise for me, as getting bigger by the day means its harder to do anything other than walk and sit.

We had some stale bread this week so I decided to go and feed it to the ducks instead of throwing it away. Bens worst fear is birds so he wasn't exactly looking forward to it, but he realised how much fun it really was. The ducks went crazy and it was just a little something to do on our way into town that we've never done together before.

Last week we visited our local Christmas German Market in Birmingham. It was so BUSY! We got the train over and was immediately placed in a swarm of people as soon as we left the station. So we headed for the bullring, treated ourselves to a hot chocolate and a pretzel and browsed some shops. When we thought the crowd had died down we ventured outside scoffed down a German burger and sausage, treated ourselves to pancakes (yes we do love pancakes) and bought ourselves a bauble and snow globe before coming home and crashing on the sofa in a happy slumber.

Normally like most people I know we eat our dinner on our laps in front of the television. However its so easier for me to eat at the dining table with my lap decreasing as my belly expands. We don't have a television in the dining room so we have to sit and eat properly and talk. Its turning into one of my favourite parts of the day as we get to talk about things we wouldn't have the chance to say whilst the television is on. Its something we will now definitely carry on doing.

I hope some of these things inspire you to spend that little bit of extra time with your partner before the biggest miracle in life arrives, or even making moments for yourselves.

Let me know what you have done or any ideas you have of making memories!
I'd love to know :D

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