Pregnant Christmas Shopping. Tips and Tales.

Hello blogland!

So as you may know I am pregnant (but shhh) I don't think anyone will notice, it's Christmas I can pass this off as turkey belly surely?

No I didn't think I could pass it off as turkey belly either.

But with Christmas vastly approaching and my need to spoil all my love ones rotten Christmas shopping this year had a need to be planned well in advance.
I always like to start thinking of presents around September time so that I have enough time and money to buy all the bits I need in plenty of time to avoid that Christmas Eve rush. However this year, with a baby due in January, most of our money and attention has been going on getting ready for him so we decided to do a Budget Christmas well in advance.

Now all of my presents are bought and wrapped ready for Santa to deliver. I thought I would let you in on some secrets as to how to tackle this time of year with a budget and a baby in your belly.

I love to plan and organise, making lists and graphs are something I love doing to feel like everything is set out and ready to go. Is anyone else that fussy?
So plan out in advance what you want to get you loved ones. If you know what you want to get them it is so much easier to go and get it or order it off the internet without you needing to be going round all the shops looking for ideas.

If like me you are doing a budget Christmas then make sure what you want to get your loved ones fits into the budget you set. I like to set out a budget per person so for example my mum and dad have the same price budget and my two sisters have the same price budget. If you have an idea already of what you want to get them then making the budget will be easier just make sure you stick to it!

Especially on a budget Christmas getting a personal gift that costs next to nothing can be a lot more special than something that you saw and thought they would like that cost you a bomb. For example I am giving my Nan and Grandad a photo of themselves which I took when we were on holiday earlier this year in a lovely frame, this cost me hardly anything but I know they will love it. Remember Christmas isn't about spending the most money, its about the act of giving! TOP TIP: look in charity shops for vintage gifts and search, search, search, online for the best bargains for that little something that you wont find in the shops.

Of course internet shopping is one of the best ways to avoid all the hassle of Christmas present shopping in town. I love going into shops and coming home with my product in my bags but there are so many things you can get online and get it for cheaper. Make sure if you are doing this that you do it well in advance so that it arrives before Christmas. TOP TIP: shop around! Look at different websites to find what you want and save those pennies that you can spend of your impending arrival (or even yourself!)

If you need to venture away from your cosy warm house to tackle the shops for those special presents including wrapping paper and cards something you have to go to the shops for, do it well in advance! TOP TIP: get it done before the end of November. If you make sure that the shopping is done by the end of November you can enjoy the main festive month stress free from present buying which gives you loads of time to sit drinking hot chocolate!

Being so pregnant there are so many things about shopping that you just cant handle like you used to before, the time on your feet, the back ache, the heavy bags, the crowd of people, to name a few. So the best advice I can give you is to head around the shops in the week during the day. TOP TIP: If you do this around October time you will miss the crowds of people and will be able to get ideas for those fussy loved ones you just don't have a clue what to get for them.

If your working during the week and therefore can't go shopping during the day make sure you have followed my #plan plan plan and go shopping late night. TOP TIP: know exactly what you are getting this way you can get it done so fast without the long wait in queues as most late night open shops especially in the middle of the week are very quiet.

Once all of your presents for that certain body guard are purchased take them with you. I take Ben with me and he carries the bags and gives me the best company. Especially if you are having to go at a peak trading time having someone with you will help in so many ways when you are so large and maybe feeling slightly tired and vulnerable.

last but not least.

Your pregnant, your tired, go and treat yourself!! Whether that be a festive hot drink after a shopping trip or something to pamper yourself with when you get home make sure you don't leave yourself out, get rid of the stress and enjoy the Christmas period.

I really hope some of these tips can be of some help if you still haven't got all your presents or are reading this next year with a little bundle of joy on the way. If you have any tips yourselves please let me know I would love to hear how you managed to tackle the busiest shopping time of the year.

Until next time x