My Favourite Winter Nails.

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To carry on with my beauty theme this week I've decided to let you in on my favourite nail polishes so far this winter season. I love doing my nails and can never have them bare, I think it makes my fingers look even more small and chubby.
Saying this, doing my nails are such a chore and sometimes I have to take special time out to do them, as I hate it when they smudge and all my hard work has gone to waste.

Here are my favourites.

From left to right they are:
#17 - Glitter Top Coat
#Rimmel - 700 Block Your Green
#Barry M - 273 Raspberry
#Accessorize - Ivory
#Accessorize - Aztec
#Accessorize - Gold Dust
#Accessorize - Blackberry
#Kate Spade by Nails Inc - Big Apple Red
and then
#CND essentials - Solar oil

Now I've included my solar oil in this as for me this is a must have for the winter months. My cuticles and the skin around my nails gets dry when the cold weather kicks in and makes all of those horrible little skin bumps I just hate to look at when I've painted my nails all pretty. This oil is such a help and smells gorgeous just like marzipan which can mask the harsh smell of the nail varnish itself, bonus!

I have swatched each colour and did not edit the photo so you can get a better look at the true colour. Here is each with a little review.

#Rimmel - 700 Block Your Green. with a top coat of #Accessorize - Gold Dust.

This I have had on for about a week and as you can tell its lasted really well and has not chipped on any of these fingers (my thumb was slightly chipped). I love this colour green and think that underneath this light coat of gold it is perfect for Christmas! It does however stain my nails no matter what base coat I put on a massive disappointment. The top coat of gold is so fine that it leaves a lovely sparkle and could even be layered and used separately. Definitely the best gold glitter nail varnish I have found.

#Barry M - 273 Raspberry.

This is probably my most favourite for this season. I saw it on a beauty favourites YouTube video and loved it on her so decided to go and check it out for myself. I love Barry M products and couldn't resist putting it in my shopping basket and bringing it home. I love the tone of the red and think its perfect to go with any outfit, casual or on a night out!

#Accessorize - Ivory.

As you may have noticed by the amount of Accessorize nail polishes there are that I am a bit obsessed. I put my hands up and admit that yes I am. They last for so long on your nails far better than most drug store polishes, the application is smooth and simple and they rarely need a top coat. This colour I bought in the summer however I think its so nice over Christmas especially with a top coat of glitter gold or silver.

#Accessorize - Aztec.

This colour I bought to go with an outfit for a special occasion last Christmas. I don't usually go for glitter based colours but I think this one is nice over Christmas and goes really nice with a black outfit. In this photo it looks quite purple but in other lights it can look quite green which is why I initially bought it.

#Accessorize - Blackberry.

This is my newest purchase and I am not disappointed. I am forever looking for this type of colour ever since I saw it on a program on Disney channel where one of the characters constantly wore it on her nails, my baby brain is preventing me from remembering what it was called but it had two sisters and one of them was Amanda Bynes (leave me a comment if you remember it). But back to the polish, I think I have finally found what I've been looking for all of these years! It is the nicest blackberry shade, not black, not purple, not brown, just perfect. It doesn't even need a top coat however it does look extra shiny and professional with one. Maybe my new favourite polish of all, time will tell.

#Kate Spade by Nails Inc - Big Apple Red.

I am forever looking for red nail polishes and have recently had to throw my old Barry M one away due to overuse and clumpiness. Don't you hate it when that eventually happens! So when I was picking up this months edition of Glamour Magazine and saw that they were including these nail polishes I immediately opted for the red. I love it! Its perfect for Christmas and is great in the summer as well. A classic red never goes out of fashion and goes with everything in your wardrobe!

#Kate Spade by Nails Inc - Big Apple Red. with a top coat of #17 - Glitter top coat.

To make this red even more perfect for winter and Christmas especially I've added a thin top coat of silver glitter. This is so nice at Christmas I don't know why but it just has Christmas painted all over it. LOVE it!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my favourites of the winter months, I would love to know what your favourites are and any recommendations you have.

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