How to spend New Years Eve pregnant.

Hello blogland!

So its that time of year again where the old question of where you will be calling in the new year will be.
Every year for the past 5 years I have been somewhere different and tried nearly all of the options available. This has included spending it with family away from home, spending it with family at home, at a club with friends and spending it at work in a pub with my fiancé who also worked there.

But now that I am pregnant and have only 3 weeks to go I have had to put a lot of thought into where to spend the new year chimes and thought I would give you all my thoughts on where and how to spend your new years eve with child (how nice am I?).

#At home asleep.
Your pregnant, your tired, your not feeling your best. Stay at home! I am so tired and can hardly keep my eyes open around this time at home let alone when I am out of the house socialising. So for this one year stay at home and get some shut eye. The new year will still come even with your eyes closed catching them zeds and people will understand, just think of all of those other sleepless nights you will have coming soon.

#At home pyjama party.
This year at the current moment (you never know when plans may change) myself and Ben plan on having a pyjama party just the two of us. We are going to get into our pyjamas, have a nice dinner and pudding, play some board games maybe watch a film and then ring in the new year together on the sofa snuggled up with Pepper. To me that sounds perfect as right now its about all I can do and having a snuggle with my two favourite beings as the new year comes in to me is perfect.

#At home with family.
If your able to stay awake have some family round. When I'm feeling this vulnerable the only people I feel comfortable around are my family, this means I can be in my comfy pyjamas and watch big ben count down the minutes with those I love in the comfort of my own home. Besides it also means if I fall asleep I can always escape upstairs and leave them too it.

#At family or friends.
If you wanted to at least get out of the house why not spend it with some loved ones who like you just don't want to venture out into the big wide world. If you go you can always wear something comfortable and you have a get out card if your too tired.

If your still up for socialising go to your local. It wont be as busy as a club and if your there often people will know you and understand that even though your pregnant that doesn't mean your not the same person you were before. Although when its not advised that you drink when your pregnant going out to pub whilst obviously pregnant can cause some people to judge you and give you funny looks. So be prepared.

Everyone has advised that when your pregnant with your first child you should have a babymoon and it is something I definitely recommend. I have been so lucky that I got to spend a week with my Mum and Sisters visiting my Aunt the family in Devon, as well as a family holiday with Ben to the Cotswolds and a weekend away in London with just Ben. I feel like each one of those holidays was a god send and they are something I will always remember. So if you have the money book into a hotel and get away for the night with your partner, I'm sure it will be a new years to remember and last minute deals will be a bargain!

So that is it my bloglanders, let me know what your new years eve plans are even if you not pregnant I can live through your wild nights out. Also let me know what tips you have to spending new years eye pregnant I would love to know.

For now its a HAPPY NEW YEAR from me and the little one inside.

Until next year!