How to clean your makeup brushes.

Hello blogland!

After a lovely and busy weekend away I am back to start the week off with a beauty post. YAY.
I must make an admission that I have never been very up to date with make up and brushes but I am making it a priority to actually buy nice things that I have always admired but never really had the money or knowledge to buy and use.
But since watching a lot of YouTube and ready different blogs its become something I have slowly got better at and want to share my journey of discovery with you guys.

So after too long of doing it the wrong way I decided to learn how to clean my brushes properly, what brushes it was that I had that is and now think I have mastered the technique. I feel like I could not of learnt it without the help of various blogs and tutorials all with different opinions and little ways of doing it.

Here is my way.

You will need.
#make up brushes
#baby shampoo
#a towel
#hot water tap

#Step One.
Run the water to a warm temperature, you do not want to burn your hands but you want the warmth to get rid of some of the bacteria that collects on the brushes.

#Step Two.
Get your brush and hold it with the brush end facing down, rinse it underneath the water making sure that the water does not go any further up the brush handle than half way up this metal part that I am pointing to in the above photo. If the water does get up there then it can dilute the glue holding all of the bristles into the brush and leave you with a ruined brush. You will see the makeup flow down the sink.

#Step Three.
Once wet put a very small amount of baby shampoo on your other hand, then circle the brush in the shampoo smoothly to create a lather. Then circle it firmly on your hand using your finger tips, the grooves in your fingers will create a friction that will help get all of the pieces of collected makeup.

#Step Four.
Now rinse the brush slowly circling it on your fingers in intervals to ensure all of the soap residue is off. The water should be running clear from the brush before you are done.

#Step Five.
Now tap the brush against the basin on the sink and try to drain some of the excess water off by squeezing the brush tip.

#Step Six.
The best tip I can give you now is to rest your brushes standing up on the towel to dry. If you let them dry lying flat the water than can be left in there will also lie flat and get in to the glue. The gravity helps get rid of all the water which soaks straight into the towel.

#Step Seven.
The most important step. Wait until they are dry which may take a little bit of time, I would do this in the evening and then let them dry overnight. Now stand back and look at your beautifully cleaned brushes and enjoy the smooth feel of them the next time you apply your makeup.

You can purchase different makeup brush cleansers but for those who are tighter budget strings, soft baby shampoo works just as well and even better compared to some cleansers. However if you can recommend any cleansers or a better technique please let me know!
I hope this has helped and if so, drop me a comment to tell me how it went :)

p.s. This is how cute little Pepper was whilst I was doing this.

Until next time x