Hello everyone!

My first post for Pepper + The Robinsons. I'm so excited!

I just wanted to write a little hello, and explain what I planning on doing with my blog.
Every week I will blog about my lifestyle, my family, beauty and fashion.

I have an amazing family, Ben my fiancé is my best friend above all else and will feature quite heavily in my posts.

Pepper our little super puppy is the funniest thing on earth, I swear she is a human in dog form.

Baby is also on his way (I'm having a boy) so my experiences through this huge change in my life will be spilled out into words on the screen. (This was taken 4 weeks ago and I've go bigger since, ekk!)

Being 8 months pregnant I have SOOOOO much time on my hands and have been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time. So what a better time than when I'm sat at home on maternity leave.

I have so much going on and would love to take you on my journey.

Christmas is also my FAVOURITE time of the year so I'm extra happy over the winter months. There is nothing better than dark nights, cold weather, snuggling on the sofa, Christmas lights and the joy that so many people spread.

Leave me a comment about what you love best of Christmas :)
& join me for the ride. YAY!