Getting over the Lull of Christmas. Tips and Tales.

Hello blogland!

I hope you have had an amazing Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you wanted, I for one am so sad that its all over!

Today marks the day of the Christmas Lull for me. With all of the Christmas days out of the way today for those lucky enough to still be at home and not at work the day can feel quite slow and boring. and frankly quite upsetting that its all over.
So I have thought so some things we can all do to extend the Christmas cheer for as long as we can!

Baking is so Christmassy, so go to the shops stock up on some ingredients and bake yourself some mince pies.

Play with all of those amazing presents you have been given. Whether that's sitting on the floor sharing the children's train set or setting up your new xbox have a proper good play with everything!

#Be Lazy
For some Christmas is a time that is mega busy, I haven't stopped since Monday, so spend this day in a haze of happiness at how lucky you are for having people who you love and who love you back. Spend the day in your new pyjamas on the sofa watching the new films you've been given or getting stuck into that book Santa left for you.

Boxing day means film release day so if you haven't already been get yourself down to your local cinema, pick a film and enjoy being relaxed and entertained.

#Hit the shops
Ok so boxing day also means SALE SALE SALE but for some people that also means crowds, queues and a lot of people. Go today! Spend your Christmas money on all those things you didn't get and thoroughly treat yourself in the sales, it may still be busy but at least you wont get into a fight over that handbag.

I love that I got so many lovely thing for Christmas, so today I have gone and organised all my presents and put them in their new homes, its made the underneath of the tree look so bare but now my whole house is filled with all of my lovely goodies right where they need to be. So organise all of your lovely things and have a little play with them all at the same time.

Let me know what your planning on doing over the weekend, and any tips you have of getting over the lull of Christmas.

Enjoy the weekend playing with all of your new goodies.

Until next time x