DIY Christmas Nails.

Hello blogland!

To kick of this festive week I have decided to get even more in the spirit and do my own Christmas themed nail art.

After deciding to go for some red santas I was devastated to remember that my white nail varnish had died so had gone to landfill heaven weeks ago :( why I never went and got another one I do not know but as I was desperate to get them done I decided to go for the next best thing. Santas Reindeer!

I shall go step by step how I did this look so if you fancy it you can try it yourself, I am in no way artistic or a nail art professional so don't worry about your skills, give it go!

Here are all the nail varnishes that I used. For the smaller detailing I used a lip brush from Barry M, so you really can do this at home!

#step one
For the first step I painted my nails in a French manicure base so that my nails had an actual base.

#step two
To get the reindeer head just take your time painting a semi circle of brown on the tips of your nails.

#step five
The antlers I found the hardest and worst part of the design. Use the lip brush and try to draw two straight lines up the nail then add smaller lines coming off them. If they look really blobby don't worry when you put the top coat on it does smooth the lines out a bit.

#step four
To get the eyes so small put a blob of nail varnish on a surface that it will wash off or you can get rid of. Whilst I was doing my nails Ben was having a lads night so I used the bottle top of one of their drinks. Now very carefully dip the very tip into that blob and even more carefully put two small dots on each finger, then put two even smaller dots on top of those.

#step five
Now the last step for the arty farty bit the nosesssss, choose which of you 5 fingers you are going to make Rudolf and just like the semi circle heads do a smaller one on that chosen one with red. Then do the same on the rest with black.

Just add your top coat and VOILAAA!

I hope you like this look, let me know what you think? And if you recreate it please let me know so that I can check it out! Definitely try it because its so easy to do :)

Merry Christmas everybody.

Until next time x