Hello Everybody!
Who else is excited?
For me, Christmas is the best time of year and so I like to celebrate it BIG style. This year is the first year in my own home and its taken a lot of self restraint to not turn my house into Santa's grotto. However this hasn't stopped us putting up THREE Christmas trees and made sure there is a little bit of Christmas in every room.
There are so many things that I love about this time of year.
The Christmas lights.
The decorations in peoples homes.
Christmas shopping.
The Christmas spirit that everybody spreads.
Christmas carols.
I AM SO EXCITED, even just thinking about it all.
As I am 8 months pregnant I have been super organised and have very nearly finished my Christmas shopping. Only one more present to get until I AM DONE.
How is everybody else doing on their shopping?
I would love to know what you guys love about Christmas, everyone loves something different.
I am hoping to put up a post on all of my decorations but my photos don't seem to want to upload properly onto my computer. Until then here is a few I have managed to put up.
Toodlepip :)