Christmas Eve Box

Hello blogland!

Whilst filling my social media addiction scrolling through Pinterest a couple of months ago I found an amazing idea that I had never heard of before. This idea came in the form of a little thing called The Christmas Eve Box.

This being mine and Bens first year in our own house I am all for kicking off some traditions that hopefully will carry through the years and grow as our families does. This idea has become my first tradition and I went straight into putting it all together.

The idea is simple, you have a box (ideally Christmas related) and fill it with things that you open and use/do/wear on Christmas Eve. You can choose what goes in your box and therefore it becomes something totally individual for you.

In our Christmas Eve Box which we will be opening early evening I have gone for some simple things for this year, however there are things I know I will put in over the years when the baby is here and as our family ages.

Here is a list of all of the things that are in our box with the ideas of what will be in the box in years to come along with some suggestions at the bottom with other things you could include yourself. I will also link things I have bought to where you can find them for yourselves. Its not too late to put one of these together for yourselves and start a tradition of your own.

#Christmas themed pyjamas
These are brand new and will be replaced every year, they will be worn Christmas Eve night so we have that special new pyjama feeling and look as good as we possibly can early morning for all those moments you want catching on camera. Ours are so new that we haven't taken them off the hangers and wont until the night so you will have to do with a photo of them as they are :(. They are from next and were a bit costly at £22 and £20 but are part of our Christmas presents which doesn't make it to bad.

#Christmas film
Each year I am hoping to put a Christmas film in the box, this year I have gone for 'Annabelles Wish' a couple of months ago Ben asked me if I had ever seen this film as a child (I hadn't) so he showed me clips of it from YouTube. He loves this film as it is one he remembers from his youthful years so I bought it without him knowing and have it in the box to surprise him with when he opens it. I got this from Amazon.

#Christmas game
Watching a film is just not enough for the whole night and I know as our family gets older watching the television for a film may not be that simple so each year there will be a new family game to play. This year I have gone for a 3-in-1 game from Next. It is checkers, chess and backgammon. We have no board games in our house yet so this will be fun for when we do want to challenge each other to a game of checkers over the table instead of an app on our phones.

#Christmas mugs
Christmas time is a time when you can consume as many hot festive drinks as you can which is something we try to do before the heat takes over and a good hot steaming mug of coco is just too much. Therefore on Christmas Eve we will have our favourite hot chocolates in our new Christmas Themed mugs. I personally love them!

#Christmas snacks
Normally I would of put a terrys chocolate orange in the box as I think they are so Christmassy, even though I eat them all the way throughout the year. But knowing I have at least 3 coming my way Christmas morning I thought we would go for the bars and then dunk them into the mugs which will I think will be easier than holding onto one segment.

#A Night Before Christmas
I love this little story so its going in the box, this is mainly for when we have children so that it can be read just before they go to sleep. Until then we will read it together to give us some of that old Christmas spirit.

So that is all that is going in our box this year. For the years to come I have planned:

#Treats for Santa and his Reindeer
This will be from the kids and I will ask them what they want to give him in advance to make sure its there ready for them to leave out.

#Wish lists
I want to write a wish list for the year ahead, this will come with age. This could be anything from hoping they get a certain present the next day, to wanting to get a good mark on an exam, to pass their driving test. Just anything. That way when they 'leave it for Santa' we can have a look and try to make at least on of those special wishes come true over the year.

#An early present
For my birthday and every Christmas I get to open a present the night before as a treat even at the age of 21 I still make sure I get to take advantage of this little treat. Therefore each Christmas there will be a small present that Santa sent us early to give to them.

I for sure can not wait for this tradition to start and I know everything in the box unlike Ben.
Do you think you will rush to the shops to put together one of these special boxes? Have you already got one? I would love to know what you put in your box if you do make one or have any suggestions for things that could go in the box?

Until next time x