Christmas Company.

Hello blogland!

'CHRISTMAS TIME, MISTLETOE AND WINE' sorry I couldn't resist.

After that little outburst I will begin, I recently read a post about where to spend Christmas and it got me thinking. This year will be the first year in my own house and will be the first year I haven't woken up with my Sisters at either my Mums or Dads.
Even though I was living with Ben for the last two Christmas days I felt like it wouldn't be right waking up at his house with his family and not wake up with my own. We didn't have any strict tradition but it just wouldn't of felt right. Everyone does Christmas morning in their own way. For example at my Mums we have piles of presents that 'Santa' has left for us. But at Bens they hand out presents from underneath the tree.

I love the feeling of opening the door Christmas morning and seeing a pile of presents all for me and get so excited about getting stuck in. Paper collects in the middle of the floor and we all place our presents around us in our corners. For me Christmas wouldn't feel the same without doing this.

So without further ado our plans for Christmas this year is to wake up for the first time together and I am so excited. We will go downstairs and open our piles of presents and eat breakfast (I'm thinking pancakes). Luckily we live within a 10 minute walk to my Dad and Bens Parents and within a 3 minute walk to my Mums where my Sisters live. Because I am so pregnant at the moment everyone is adapting their plans around me, making me feel very spoilt. My Dad is going to come down to my house before lunch bringing sausage and bacon batches and my Sisters will come round too. From there myself and Ben will go to his parents for Christmas dinner early afternoon. After we have filled our bellies we will come home again where my Mum and Sisters will re join us and spend Christmas night playing games and watching the traditional Christmas television.

So that is what I will be doing on Christmas day but what about you?
There are so many options as to what you could do and here are a few.

#Christmas at the Parents
Sometimes when family doesn't live so close it may be nice to uproot yourselves to go spend the time with your parents, whether yours or your partners. Remember to consider both families and how relations are with those families, don't be selfish.
Of course you may not of left your family home yet, therefore the first choice of Christmas morning is your own bed. Make sure you make the most of it!

#Christmas on Holiday
This could be abroad or somewhere else in the country. You can take sacks of the most important presents with you and spend the holidays on holiday without any stress but who will do the washing up!

#Christmas Volunteering
Christmas time is such a special time but can be a very difficult time of the year for others. Its a time when we have to remind ourselves of those less fortunate as there is always someone less fortunate than ourselves. Therefore Christmas day is a perfect time to spread some joy and volunteer somewhere where your services are needed whether its at a hospital or a shelter or a children's home. Every little thing helps.

So let me know where you will be spending your Christmas this year, and what company will you be keeping this special time of the year, I'd love to hear about other peoples traditions!

Until next time x